Do you sell heating oil or fuel?

No, we do not sell heating oil or fuel, but we install and service oil and gas and boilers. You can upgrade your current boiler for a more fuel efficient system with a listed efficiency of 91%.

Are you selling secondhand heating equipment?

No, we do not sell secondhand heating items as we only offer the best brands and systems to our clients. We have a variety of brand new and top-of-the-line heating products that you can choose from.

Do you have a call out charge?

We have a minimum diagnosis fee of 40e. This is charged when an engineer diagnoses a problem and customer waits to perform repair. Minimum repair charge is 60e which includes 1st hr i.e travelling to job and performing repair. Most breakdowns can be fixed within the first hr as we carry most parts

How do we apply for heating controls grant?

Apply online on with your mprn no. Using contractor Jason Fahy heating 15829 id no.

Do you need to service a boiler regularly?

All home heating boilers should be serviced annually to prevent breakdowns in cold periods, ensure the appliance is operating safely and efficiently. As a landlord you are required to do a service and safety check on gas installations annually?

How long does a boiler last?

Boilers can last 15-20yrs if maintained annually. New boilers we install have warranties ranging from 5-12yrs so they provide peace of mind and protection from costly breakdowns.

Can I spread the cost of a new heating or plumbing installation?

Yes we have partnered with flexifi finance to allow customers to spread the cost of installation over a chosen period of time?