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Oil & Gas Boiler Installers & Services: Jason Fahy heating is an accredited installer with Baxi, IDEAL, Bosch, valiant, firebird and grant boilers, the leading manufacturers in high efficiency boilers on the market.

This is to ensure we install the most fuel efficient heating upgrade that is suited to your home.

At Jason Fahy heating we choose only boilers which have a listed efficiency above 91% on the sedbuk band.

We choose the boiler which is A Rated but within your budget. We also offer servicing and repair of almost any brand out there from Ferrolli, Voker, immergas, pollerton, raven, glow worm, you name it and we can repair it.

System Boiler

System boilers are commonly installed in properties nowadays as they are cost effective upgrade to the conventional heat only boilers. They differ from each other in that a system boiler will have all the components i.e safety release valve, pump and expansion, vessels which make for a more popular sealed system doing away with the need for a tank in the attic or loft saving space and less chance of freezing pipes.

It also can make for quicker installation times and future servicing made much easier as everything is under one cover.

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The Combi Boiler

The combi boiler or also known as combination boiler is really becoming more and more common in Ireland, following suit from our neighbours across the water.

This is a fantastic space saving heating device which eliminates the need for hot water (store cylinder) this can free up a hot press for more storage. It also eliminates the huge cold water system in the attic as in is fed by mains cold water which in turn gives great pressure to all outlets. It is a central heating boiler and water heater combined, this giving its name. Not only is it suitable for the smallest of properties but there are combined boilers out there for every size and they are hugely efficient as they only heat what you need when you open the hot water outlet.

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Energy Efficient Boiler Upgrade Provides Maximum Savings and Comfort

The quickest payback in terms of upgrading your home to a higher energy standard is by boiler upgrading and heating controls. If your current boiler is 10 years old and you might think it’s working well, but it is not working as well as it should be, it’s most likely a standard efficient boiler running at 65-75% efficiency due to wear and tear etc. To break it down : if you bought 100 litres of oil or gas depending on your boiler type you would only be getting 65-75 litres into the radiators and the rest goes up the chimney flue. ..what a waste!!

The new high efficient condensing boilers that we install can trim your utility expense by up to a 1/3 and even more by doing heat control upgrade. This in turn will save you on cost repairs and breakdowns.

At Jason Fahy heating we ensure top quality tradesmen, only for residential and commercial properties. Each have been trained highly in their respective trades and we feel that the only way to stay ahead is to educate ourselves in our field as much as possible.

Call us in the office at 041 213 1695 or on the Mobiles on 087 220 8330 or 089 204 2187 for a free heating survey. We offer tailored solutions to suit your needs and budget.

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Heating Controls

Many people don’t understand what heating controls are and some people can still be left with the most basic of controls. i.e a one zone analogue timer, this means that when the heating comes on everything is on i.e all radiators and hot water cylinders. We believe this is why a lot of people are still using the highly inefficient immersion to heat the water. A survey can be conducted to see what will suit your system and you could go to a one zone system to a two or three zone or even more.

For example: having time and temperature control on each area i.e. upstairs, downstairs, hot water etc.

So please contact us for any queries on condensing boilers, heating controls or servicing of your heating system with no obligations.

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Servicing and installing Price Guide

24kw ideal logic/ Worcester bosch high efficiency condensing boiler installs: this includes a power flush and inhibitor introduced to system after cleansing process

Ask about our magnetic filters which protect the system from future damage and on depending on size required.

  • Heating control upgrade
  • Oil / gas boiler standard efficiency servicing
  • High efficiency: includes system health and safety check, print out and declaration of conformity certificate
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Below you will see which of our services that you can book through our website, please select your preferred service, open the page and book through our online booking system. Once we receive your order we will get in touch with you to confirm a day and time to come and do the work.

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Some of the Products we work with

We work with only the best products on the market to ensure that your home heating, is not only efficient and safe but that it is also guaranteed for years to come. Below is just a sample of the products we can instal in your home for you.

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