What is powerflushing?

Put simply power flushing systems assist in cleansing a central heating system. If you compare your central heating pump(s) as the heart of your central heating system and the pipe work in your system to your arteries ; blockages etc in the pipe work puts serious pressure under your pump and heat exchangers in or at the boiler thus making it more difficult to circulate heating water around your radiators or underfloor heating loops

What improvements can be gained from power flushing?

System efficiencies can be greatly increased after corrosion debris and lime scale deposits ae taken out of the system increasing heat transfers and reducing a heating bill by up to 30% on badly sludges or corroded systems.

How will I know if I need or will benefit from a system powerflush

Signs that your system needs a power flush are:-

  • Does your gas/oil boiler heat up very quickly to its desired temperature then turn itself off?
  • Does it make noise almost like a boiling/kettling type sound or as if somebody is banging it with a hammer?
  • Have you got cold spots on your radiators or floors or radiators that are hot at the top and cold at the bottom?
  • Have you frequently changed heat exchangers, pumps or parts in general in your boiler/heating system?

So what’s involved ?

Powerflushing In a standard 3 bed semi can take anywhere from 4-6hrs depending on how bad the system is. Chemicals are introduced into the heating system by our engineers and a powerful flushing pump with forward and reverse flushing motions cleans each radiator and heat exchanger out.The sludge is then picked up by our manga cleanse filters fitted inline to the flushing pump to give the most thorough clean possible. lastly corrosion inhibitor is introduced to protect the system and then all heat radiators are fully balanced for optimum performance . A mag filter can also be fitted to future protect corrosion also as an added extra.