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(Pre-Installation) Home Energy Surveys


How does Your Home Rate? What needs to be done to improve it?

SEAI Grants and Survey – Before we start any project Jason Fahy Heating survey your home FREE OF CHARGE.

Very briefly – here’s how it works. Click here to Book your FREE Survey.


Home Survey

Do you feel like it’s costing a fortune to run your home and that energy bills are constantly on the rise?

Are you sick and tired of seeing those dreading gas, electricity or oil bills coming through the door? Then why not try to do something about it by improving the performance and efficiency of your whole house i.e. impoving your building energy rating (ber) thus giving you reduced running costs.

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What Does a Home Survey Consist Of?

Firstly we identify what is causing your house to be so in-efficient, a detailed look at the quality and effectiveness of

Insulation: Wall and Attic

Heating-Boiler and Heating Controls


Thermostats & More


CFL Bulbs

Light Fittings

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting


From these detailed surveys we can provide a cost effective tailored solution to your needs and more importantly budjet. The works don’t need to be completed all at once, as with some of our past clients you can take it one step at a time. For example a new high effIciency boiler upgrade enabled them to save enough money on their regular fuel bill to install a new solar thermal system which provides hot water for them nearly all year round! to find out how to reduce your energy bills from between as much as 25-65 percent call us on 087 220 8330 or fill out our contact info form here.


Jason Fahy Heating is committed to lowering your home fuel requirements while at the same time INCREASING YOUR HEATING EFFICIENCY – by reducing your energy usage – that’s our promise. The vital starting point in deciding what work needs to be done in your home is a survey and audit of your current and future home requirements.

  • What are the current problem areas where heating/ energy is being wasted?
  • What are your family circumstances now and in the future?
  • What improvements are needed to achieve greater energy efficiency?
  • How should you protect against increases in energy costs and potential environmental taxes?
  • How much will it cost?

What Our Initial Home Energy Survey Examines

Here’s just a brief idea of what our Survey of your Home covers



Attic Insulation –

Hot Water Cylinder –

Lagging Jacket –


Heating System…

  • Quality of current Fuel Used –
  • Boiler – age, condition, efficiency –
  • Hot & Cold Water -piping, lagging –
  • System Water/ Pressure –
  • Controls – Timers etc –
  • Zones – Hot Water, Upstairs, Downstairs –
  • Thermostats – Radiator Valves, Wall Stats and Frost Stats –
  • Radiators –
  • Fires and Heaters –

Other Energies Used…

Solar – Biomass – Wind – Geothermal –


On Completion of Your Home Energy survey…

When we complete our Pre-Installation Survey of Your Home – we then sit down with you to discuss what needs to be done….. WITHIN YOUR BUDGET. You will then have a broad indication (not a BER Certificate) of your home’s energy rating and what needs to be done to improve it. We then agree with you what the priorities are and what can be done quickly at low cost to start REDUCING YOUR BILLS.


No, you don’t need to do it all at once !

YES – the work can be spread over a year or two to suit your budget.


Costs and Timing…

We then agree the costs and timing of the project – and confirm a start and completion date with you.


Focus on SAVINGS…

Right from the start our objective is to IMPROVE YOUR HOME’S ENERGY RATING AND SAVE €€€’s ! Our Home Energy Survey is designed to systematically go through your house, identifying the improvements needed, with emphasis on those that will make the greatest energy savings thereby reducing your bills