Underfloor Heating Explained

Quite simply, underfloor heating is using the floor in your house as a giant radiator.

How it does this is by using carefully placed pipes on a pre insulated slab in the base of your floor. Filled with water from your heating system, they create at even low temperatures making it a cost effective way of heating your home.


Cosy and comfortabe no matter what type of floor you have
Provides even more heat warming from the ground up
Consumes less energy because it runs at much lower temperatures, typically between 30-60C.
Ideal for use with lower temperature heat sources such as heat pumps, solar water heaters and condensing boilers
Each zone can be controlled making it easy to keep different temperature levels to suit each room, thus contributing to lowering your bills.
No more dust covered radiators making it a more stable and comfortable environment
Frees up wall space so not to obstruct interior design concepts etc.

Jason Fahy Heating delivers top quality, low cost heating solutions to Dublin, Louth and Meath.

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Quality underfloor heating installations from a Fully trained RGI and OFTEC approved company

If you are still not sure if an underfloor heating system is the right one for you, let one of our experienced technicians explain the process to you.

Every system is tailored to meet the individual properties needs whether it be commercial or residential and can be made to suit your budget from the most advanced systems with more zone controls etc, to a more simplistic one.

In keeping with overall design efficiency and response times we will also take care of installing the floor screed. We decided to take this into consideration after clients who had underfloor heating installed that we had serviced were disappointed with reaction times for heat up as the system had been installed in the main slab which was usually a mininimum of 100mm in depth. We sourced a flexible screed that can be poured to a minimum of 40mm. this in turn speeds up the system response time and ultimately reduces the customer’s heating costs.

Underfloor Heating Services and Repairs

When you ask us to install, service and repair your underfloor heating system what you will get is:

  • Advice from our experienced technicians on what works best for you and your project, be it a new build or an extension
  • Top quality parts from trusted manufacturers
  • Tradesmen who are fully trained and are constantly upgrading their skills to keep up with the ever changing industry
  • Efficient, seamless installations that are hassle free for the client

Underfloor heating installed by Jason Fahy Heating will keep energy bills low and its occupants cosy and happy. Our expert heating solutions are high on comfort and low in costs.

Phone the Office on 041 213 1695 or on the Mobiles on 087 220 8330 / 089 204 2187 or contact us on our online form for more information

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Some of the Products we work with

We work with only the best products on the market to ensure that your home heating, is not only efficient and safe but that it is also guaranteed for years to come. Below is just a sample of the products we can instal in your home for you.

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